Type: Suite 

Title: From Coast To Coast , 2018

Dimension:                                                                                                             1. Wave bypass ring, US size 6.5 (17 mm inner diameter) 

2. Bamboo bracelet set, US size S (57 x 48 mm inner diameter), large stone

3. Ocean and the moon earrings, chrysocolla malachite 24 x 13 mm, moonstone 10 x 8mm

4. Mountain and the sun necklace, 22", chrysocolla malachite 36 x 20 mm, spessartite 8.7 mm diameter

Description: Inspired by the stunning geological wonders of the east coast of Taiwan, living on the east side of America makes me miss the azure beaches and lush mountains. By sourcing one-of-a-kind gemstones, I present the true beauty of the magnificent nature, the steep mountain peeks, the sound of cascading water over rocks, the sweetest sun, and the most gentle moon. Wearers can sense the most pure and true spirit of nature passed on to them.

Genre/Techniques/Utilized: Basic jewelry fabrication techniques, stone setting, 3D CAD, casting


1. Wave bypass ring - 14k, grey and yellow rough diamond

2. Bamboo bracelet set - sterling silver, green tourmaline in quartz

3. Ocean and the moon earrings, 14k, chrysocolla malachite, moonstone

4. Mountain and the sun necklace - 14k, chrysocolla malachite, spessartite                                                        

Photography by Angel C. Chang