Type: Necklace set 

Title: Waltz, 2018

Dimension: 14" / 16" / 18"

Description: Red, green, and blue are the primary colors used to create every other color in the rainbow. The necklaces include rich, bright colors by using the chosen large center stones: strawberry quartz for the the red necklace set, green dot Himalayan quartz for the green necklace set, and Paraiba quartz for the the blue necklace set. The collar and the choker use gemstones that echo the colors of the side stones, which flank the center stone of the main necklace of the set. The three various pitcher plants logo tags dance around playfully and elegantly. A set can be worn in various combinations, depending on the wearers’ desire.

Genre/Techniques/Utilized: Basic jewelry fabrication techniques, bead stringing, stone setting, 3D CAD, and casting

Materials: Blue set

14" collar - coated apatite, 10K pitcher plant logo tag

16" choker - aquamarine, 10K pitcher plant logo tag

18" necklace - paraiba quartz, neon apatite, apatite, 10K pitcher plant logo tag                                                            

Photography by Angel C. Chang